Intuitive Control
Powered by a 350W brushless motor, the HX Solo takes you up to 18km/h, while its self-balancing gyroscope technology provides you with the ultimate control to move seamlessly wherever you go. Manoeuvre the HX Solo by simply leaning forward to accelerate and shifting your body weight backward to decelerate, always maintaining the perfect balance for the most enjoyable ride.
Insane 45° Tilt Angle
Conquer sharp turns effortlessly with our breaking 45° tilt and manoeuvre your way through pavements, pathways and obstacles without breaking a sweat. Built with a safety side-tilt protection function activated when the HX Solo tilts more than 45°, the feature prevents injuries in case you get over zealous and cross the tilt limit.
Waterproof Body
Cutting through puddles of 10cm depth is no problem for the HX Solo with its waterproof shell, taking you through rainy days, trips to the beach and muddy terrains without a worry. Now there's more reason for you to take your HX Solo for a spin.
State-of-the-art CTS Tyre
Imagine the HX Solo as your no-holds-barred Cadillac, with our HX Solo sharing the same tyre material as the latest Cadillac CTS-V (part of the BMW group) to ensure you enjoy durability, stability and an unparalleled riding cts regardless of the terrain.
Aircraft-grade Aluminium Alloy Pedals
The sleek metal pedals are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are also highly durable and skid-proof to ensure you are always in control. The high-quality, non-slip pedals also provide better grip when manoeuvring sharp corners at steep-angled tilts.
Made-to-last Battery
The detachable battery design offers longer battery life and the added convenience of replacing the battery whenever you need. A fully charged battery provides at least 20km of riding with only 70 minutes of charging time.
Tomorrow's technology today

Months invested in design. Absolutely no room for compromise.

  1. 1

    Built like a tank, HX ensures only the highest quality parts are used for optimal performance.

  2. 2

    Takes you through life by clearing sharp corners and getting down without losing your stead.

  3. 3

    Illuminate your path with the sleek LED head, tail, turn and brake lights for additional safety.

  4. 4

    Get your DJ on with the HX Solo Bluetooth 4.0 connected speakers.

  5. 5

    A fully charged battery provides at least 20km of riding with only 70 minutes of charging time.

Comparing the industry's top brands.

Design is not only the look. It is also the quality & functionality.

HX Solo
Airwheel X8
NineBot One E+
Max Speed

Let's face it. Speed is one of the most important features.

18km/h 18km/h 20km/h
Max Distance

Let's face it. You want to ride it to as far as possible without worrying.

20km 18-23km 25-32km

Power is not the only important thing about motors. You should also consider durability and safety. You are on top of it.

350W N/A 500W
Climbing limit

At some points you will be obliged to ride up and down hills and slopes.This measure shows at what point you have to pick your hoverboard and walk.

20° N/A N/A

Offer in different sizes for your best HX experience.

14" 16.5" 16"
Charging Time

A fully charged battery provides at least 20km of riding with only 70 minutes of charging time.

70 mins 1.5 hours 4 hours

At some points you will want to ride it everywhere, we mean everywhere.

Yes N/A N/A
Bluetooth Speaker

Music is your sure way to turn on the swag.

Yes No Yes

RRP: $890 Pre-order sale $445
Start Riding
$1,250 $1,795

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