Live on the Edge
Short turning radius enables easy manoeuvre in crowded areas so you can continue to ride effortlessly without having to stop your ride.
Know No Limits
Ride up to 30km/h (HX Skate Sonic) and 35km/h (HX Skate Turbo) effortlessly with ultimate stability and control, and experience an exhilarating ride like no other. The built-in braking system ensures you are in control at all times.
Dare to Fly
Powered by custom-made powerful brushless motor to provide high speed and long mileage, while the integrated battery design offers improved obstacle clearance performance. HX Skate Turbo – dual 1200W motor l HX Skate Sonic – 1200W motor
Experience the World through HX Skate
Stable and durable LG 18650 lithium-ion battery ensures long-lasting battery life, providing 15-30km mileage per charge.
Take the Joyride
Made of 3 layers of bamboo and 1 layer of fibreglass, the body is lightweight, flexible and durable for fast-moving adventures, enabling you to make sharper turns smoothly.
Versatile Modes
Choose your riding mode according to your thirst for speed. We offer Fun, Thrill or Cruise for better speed control to meet your needs in any situation.
Tomorrow's technology today

Months invested in design. Absolutely no room for compromise.

  1. 1

    If you are in for the full thrill of the ride, the HX Skate is right up your alley.

  2. 2

    The bamboo and fibreglass deck makes it lightweight, flexible and durable for fast-moving adventures.

  3. 3

    Switch effortlessly between 3 different riding modes and the braking system.

  4. 4

    HX ensures only high quality parts are used for optimal performance.

  5. 5

    Short turning radius feature enables you to glide through the streets and the crowds without a hitch.

Comparing the industry's top brands.

Design is not only the look. It is also the quality & functionality.

HX Skate Sonic
HX Skate Turbo
Boosted Dual+
Max Speed

Let's face it. Speed is one of the most important features.

30 km/h 35km/h 21.74/mph
Max Distance

Let's face it. You want to ride it to as far as possible without worrying.

20km 20km 11km

Power is not the only important thing about motors. You should also consider durability and safety. You are on top of it.

1200W brushless motor Dual 1200W brushless motor 2000W

A hoverboard battery must be non-flamable, non-explosive, durable and long lasting.

LG18650 Lithium, 8.8Ah LG 18650 Lithium, 8.8Ah N/A

At some points you will want to ride it everywhere, we mean everywhere.

Yes Yes Yes

Durable material so it does not break or wear off easily

5.5kg 8kg 15.43lbs

Start Riding
Special Price $1,240 RRP: $2,480
Start Riding

HX Skate Sonic

Perfect for every travel, enabling you to ride through the streets with ease and carry it wherever you go with our compact,lightweigth design.

It can take you up to 30km/h,while its short turning radius feature enables you to glide through the streets and the crowds without a hitch

HX Skate Turbo

If you are in for the full thrill of the ride, the HX Skate Turbo is right up your alley. Taking you up to 35km/h with dual motor, and designed to provide maximum stability in obstacle clearance.

Let the world whirl past you as you create priceless moments on various urban terrains together-you will never look back


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