HX Panzer

What makes HX Superior?

We spent countless hours with our partner Optimum developing a hoverboard with the most advanced features and a strict focus on quality, aesthetics and usability.

Custom Engine

The HX range is armed with custom design twin electric brushless motor.

Supercharged Battery

Custom designed by LG for HX, our supercharged battery is specifically made to last seamlessly.

Fast Charge

Our engineers have worked tirelessly with LG to ensure our battery charges in less than an hour while preserving battery life.

Long Range

Our supercharged LG battery allows the HX to last, taking you anywhere without the need to charge.

Easy to Ride

The high-tech gyroscope accelerator ensures the HX Hoverboard self-balances, making it easy for anyone to step on and start riding.

High Speed

Our HX Hoverboard leads the industry in speed, outpacing its predecessors and popular brands with our powerful motor.

Bluetooth 4.0 Speakers

Music is your sure way to turn on the swag. Simply connect your phone and play your swaglist to ride in style.

Rides Steep

The HX is designed to ensure slopes are no obstacle. The 30° climbing angle of HX Hoverboard blows other hoverboards out of the water.

More Information
Inclusion Sturdy custom made travel case
Max Speed 15km/h
Max Distance 15km
Climbing limit 15°
Battery LG 36V
Motor 400W dual motor
Max Load 120kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 669 x 220 x 243mm
Platform Height 146.5mm
Waterproof Rating IPX4
Tyres 8.5"
Weight 14.5kg
HoverX Speed Limited Protection Yes
Tilting Protection Yes
Low Battery Protection Yes
Remote Control Yes
Power 154 Wh
Bluetooth pairing Yes
Comparing the industry's top brands.

Design is not only the look. It is also the quality & functionality.

HX Phantom Hoverboard
HX Panzer
IO Hawk 2.0
SwagTron T3
Max Speed

Let's face it. Speed is one of the most important features.

12km/h 15km/h 9.7 km/h 12.8km/h

Power is not the only important thing about motors. You should also consider durability and safety. You are on top of it.

350W dual motor 400W dual motor 300W x 2 300W x 2

A hoverboard battery must be non-flamable, non-explosive, durable and long lasting.

LG 36V LG 36V 36 V N/A
Climbing limit

At some points you will be obliged to ride up and down hills and slopes.This measure shows at what point you have to pick your hoverboard and walk.

30° 15° 25° 30°

Offer in different sizes for your best HX experience.

6.5" /10" 8.5" N/A 10''
Waterproof Rating

Rated for solidness and water resistance. Easily maneuver through grass, mud and sand.

Rated IP54 IPX4 N/A N/A

Durable material so it does not break or wear off easily

10kg / 11kg 14.5kg 13 kg 10 kg

2 Years 2 years 1 Year 1 Year

Start Riding
Start Riding
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