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Ride with Ease
HX Surf's Assisted Stabilizing technology intuitively senses shifts in your center of stabilization, allowing you to easily glide forwards and backwards and carve graceful snowboard-esque turns. Our engineers have perfectly calibrated the HX Surf's gyroscopic sensors so it remains level under your feet.
Powerful Motor + Removable Battery
With its 500W brushless hub motor, HX Surf provides you a powerful & reliable riding experience on a variety of surfaces (pavement, grass, beach, hills & more). Ride for an hour (up to 10 miles) on a single charge, or carry a spare battery to easily switch and extend your ride. The removable battery means you can also take the HX Surf onboard a plane!
Customize Your Ride
The HX App ( Android & IOS ) allows you to switch between 3 different modes for your riding style: training, off-track, and top speed. Use the app to regularly update your board’s firmware, check your battery status, and track your speed with the speedometer.
Longboard + Shortboard Styles
HX Surf’s patented DRIFT TYRE along with the app allows you to select your preferred riding style. Feel the rush of surfing a wave or snowboarding down a mountain with the convenience of simply stepping out your front door. Exploring becomes thrilling when you are surfing the land on your HX Surf.
Developed in Australia
Optimum’s World Renowned Quality
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24/7 Technical Support
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Fast, Secure, Hassle-Free
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