Personal Mobility Redefined
Be awed by the convenience and simplicity this folding electric bike offers to your everyday travels. The compact, lightweight, foldable design makes it extremely convenient and portable, redefining personal mobility to provide the perfect solution to urban commute. At only 17kg, the HX eScoot is possibly the lightest electronic scooter you will find.
Durable, High Mileage Battery
The 48V LG 18650 lithium battery provides a maximum 30km mileage per charge, with a 3h fast charge and detachable battery design to offer sustainable, long-lasting battery power and the convenience of switching battery packs as needed
High Performance, Long-haul Motor
Powered by a 300W brushless motor which takes you up to 20km/h and uphill angles of 15°, the folding electric bike is your best choice for daily commute, offering the most convenient, environmentally-friendly and affordable mode of transport.
High Efficiency Disc Brakes
Disc Brakes offer greater control and efficiency especially in wet weather conditions as compared to rim brakes. They do not wear down bike rims or deteriorate in performance due toill-fitted rims and perform exceedingly in downhill braking, making disc brakes the best choice for any road condition, crucial for frequent travels.
Tomorrow's technology today

Months invested in design. Absolutely no room for compromise.

  1. 1

    Compact, lightweight, foldable design makes it extremely convenient and portable

  2. 2

    Pair your mobile device with our Bluetooth speaker and have your favourite playlist accompany you wherever you go.

  3. 3

    Always be on top of your mileage, battery power, speed and light indicator status wherever you go.

  4. 4

    Without the designated remote, the rider will not be able to activate or accelerate the Electric Scooter.

  5. 5

    The stunning HX eScoot is available in 4 colours

Comparing the industry's top brands.

Design is not only the look. It is also the quality & functionality.

HX eScoot
Dillenger Apache
Leitner SuperT
Max Speed

Let's face it. Speed is one of the most important features.

20km/h 25km/h 25km/h
Max Distance

Let's face it. You want to ride it to as far as possible without worrying.

30km 70km 50km

Power is not the only important thing about motors. You should also consider durability and safety. You are on top of it.

300W 540W 250W

A hoverboard battery must be non-flamable, non-explosive, durable and long lasting.

48V,7Ah LG 18650 lithium 36V, 10.4Ah Samsung 36V, 10Ah (brand N/A)
Charging Time

A fully charged battery provides at least 20km of riding with only 70 minutes of charging time.

3h 5h 5h

Offer in different sizes for your best HX experience.

14" 20" N/A
Dimensions (LxWxH)

Compact design so it is easy to carry and store.

600(w) x 1230(l) x 760(h) mm 610(w) x 1510(l) x 1120(h)mm N/A

Durable material so it does not break or wear off easily

17kg 21.5kg 24.3kg

RRP: $3,380 Pre-order sale $1,690
Start Riding
$1899 $1149

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